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Sicentist/Senior Scientist of Immuno-oncology

Job Responsibilities:
• Develop and execute in vitro and ex vivo assays to characterize drug candidates and evaluate
their activity; design and execute experiments; accurately record, analyze, and present data to
team and company leadership
• Perform biomarker research and discovery towards elucidation of mechanism-of-action
• Collaborate across functional teams to efficiently identify and validate leads and drive the drug
discovery process
• Coordinate with external collaborators and CRO’s to support our research goals
• Mentor scientific researchers or junior scientists as needed

Job Requirements:
• PhD in Immunology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, or related field required
• Strong expertise in characterization of immune cells (lymphocytes, NK cells, dendritic cells,
and/or macrophages), immune and cell-based assays and drug discovery approaches
• Extensive experience in mammalian cell culture and engineering, primary immune cell assays
(activation, suppression, cytotoxicity), multi-color FACS, ELISA and molecular biology
expertise (DNA, RNA and protein analyses)
• Strength in designing and performing experiments to measure target engagement, pathway
modulation and therapeutic sensitivity in response to antibody-based therapeutic modalities
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills; experience in working on a cross-disciplinary
research and discovery team preferred
• Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaborate in a fast-paced team environment

For more information, please see: Job_post_Scientist_Research_IO_2019.pdf
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